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PCMX Surgical scrub brush

PCMX Surgical scrub brush

PCMX Surgical scrub brush
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Yinjing PCMX surgical scrub brushes contain solution of  3% choroxylenol (PCMX).
They significantly reduce the number of micro-organisms on the hands and forearms prior to surgery.
The high quality brushes are soft for skin with ergonomic shape. They are recommended for use on healthcare personnel forearms and hands before surgery.
Directions:  Open package as designated.  Take out brush and apply to your hands and forearms. Apply as needed.  
Dispose of cloth in waste receptacle. Store at room temperature.Preoperative cleaning of healthcare personnel arms and hands.
Warnings: For single use only. Do not resterilize. Avoid freezing and excessive heat.

Service Hotline:0086-21-34770539/63336057

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